Anaconda Green

Facts about the green anaconda.

Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world.  They can weigh up to 560 pounds and is a member of the Boa family.  The Green Anaconda is not as long as they Python are however; it is almost twice as much weight as the python.  The average Anaconda lives 10 years in the wild.

The anaconda is a carnivorous reptile and has a wide array of animals to eat.  Some of the animals the anaconda eats are turtles, jaguars, wild pigs and deer.  It is a non-venomous snake, however it is a constrictor.  The snake constricts its prey until it can’t breathe cutting off the circulation and then eats them.

Anacondas can be found in the Amazon along the river and in the marsh lands.  The mating ritual has a female anaconda surrounded by male anacondas who curl into a ball for breeding purposes.  These mating routines last for up to a month. 

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