Alligator vs. Crocodiles | Alligator Facts | Crocodile Facts

Although many of us believe (wrongly) that alligators and crocodiles is the same animal, they belong to different taxonomic families. Differ in terms of habitat, color, behavior, shape of nose, placing jaws and topics.

Aligator Vs crocodil

alligator vs crocodile

Alligator Vs Crocodiles

Among the most mysterious and most aggressive species on Earth and include crocodiles. Without a doubt, are some of the most dangerous animals. Despite the obvious differences between crocodiles and birds, they are considered a species closely related to lifestyle. Very often are mistaken for alligators crocodiles, mainly due to their similarities in terms of appearance. But these “devour fierce man” belonging to different families.

Alligators are very similar to crocodiles , be it in appearance, habitat or food. It is therefore difficult to differentiate an alligator from a crocodile. But if you know the basic features of each separate group will be easier to see the differences between alligators and crocodiles.





Taxonomic difference

First of all, let’s compare the alligators and crocodiles in terms of their taxonomic families. Although both belong to the same order of reptiles crocodiles, alligators are classified Alligatoridae family, while crocodiles are Crocodylidae family members.


As for alligators and crocodiles habitat, both live near the water and lay their eggs on land. But the difference is that alligators prefer fresh water while crocodiles prefer to live in brackish water or salt water.


Another difference between alligators and crocodiles is the behavior and temperament. Both reptiles are angry, but crocodiles are more aggressive compared with alligators. Alligators trying to flee more often when a man approached, while crocodiles tend to attack anything around them.

Body coloration

Speaking more about alligators vs crocodiles, alligators body color is darker than crocodiles. Alligators are mostly blackish or gray, while the color is olive green or brown crocodile.

The shape of the muzzle

Notable difference between the alligator and a crocodile is a form of muzzle. Alligators have broader snout-shaped “U”, while the shape of a crocodile snout is narrow and forms a V at the end.

Placing jaws

Placement of teeth is also a distinctive feature that separates the crocodiles alligators. Placing an alligator’s jaw is such that the upper jaw is wider and covers the bottom completely. The crocodiles, widejaws and feet is the same, therefore, lower jaw teeth are visible when the mouth is closed.

Hind legs

In alligators, the jagged border is notable absence of hind legs, feet zimturi present in crocodiles.

Dermal pressure receptors (Dermal Pressure Receptors)

They are small dimples, black, which helps detect sensory changes of water pressure. Both the alligator and crocodile, these receptors are used to locate prey. The alligators are present only around the jaw, while the crocodiles these sensory organs are present in almost every portion of the body.

Salt glands

Both alligators and crocodiles have salivary glands (glands of salt) in structural conceptually different languages. Crocodiles use these glands to excrete excess salt from the body, while the alligators these salt glands are not functional. This is why one can tolerate salt water crocodile, unlike an alligator.

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