25 Most Captivating and Gorgeous Green Colored Animals in The World

Although green is one of the commonest colors in the world, it is so difficult to find animals in pure green color.

Green is the color of aliens as depicted on books and movies. It is also, of course, the color of Incredible Hulk. Green is a color used to describe plants or the ocean. Green can also describe someone who is inexperienced, jealous, or sick. A person who looks ill is describes as “green around the gills”. In the US, green is a colloquial for money.

1.) Harlequin Ghost Pipefish

Image Source

One of the most peculiar-looking marine creatures is the Solenostomus paradoxus commonly known as Harlequin Ghost Pipefish.

2.) Pygmy Leatherjacket

Image Source

One of the unique-looking green fishes is the Pygmy Leatherjacket or Brachalluteres jacksonianus. This amazingly cool-looking fish anchors itself at night by biting onto a plant.

3.) Darica Piranha

Image Source

Darica Piranha is a species of freshwater fish native to South America. This ferocious animal occasionally makes its way to aquarium trade.

4.) Cicindela sexguttata

Image Source

This metallic and brightly colored insect is called Cicindela sexguttata. This creature feeds of ants. It is commonly known as Six Spotted Tiger Beetle. It is also known as Six Spotted Green Beetle.

5.) Cucumber Green Spider

Image Source

The Cucumber Green Spider or Araniella cucurbitina is a gorgeous green colored species of a spider and can be found mostly on forest clearings.

6.) Roheline amblik

Image Source

Roheline amblik is a green colored species of spider.

7.) Green Katydid

Image Source

The Green Katydid on the above photo is a Tettigonia viridissima commonly known as the Great Green Bush-cricket.

8.) Mimela splendens

Image Source

Mimela splendens is a small but brightly colored beetle species endemic to Japan.

9.) Praying Mantis

Image Source

Praying Mantis or Sphodromatis viridis is a green-colored insect known for their bizarre sexual behavior where the female consumes the male after sexual intercourse.

10.) Cassida rubiginosa

Image Source

This green insect known as Cassida rubiginosa was photographed in Commanster, High Ardennes in Belgium.

11.) Green Moth

Image Source

This green colored moth is commonly known as Common Emerald. This insect was photographed in Wavrin, in Northern France.

12.) Mexican Green Beetle

Image Source Beettle.jpg

Mexican Green Beetle

13.) Polyphemus Moth

Image Source Beettle.jpg

The caterpillar of the Polyphemus Moth or Antheraea polyphemus is a brightly green-colored caterpillar native to North America.

14.) Green Parakeet

Image Source

The Green Parakeet or Aratinga holochlora is a green-colored parrot that is endemic to Mexico and other Central American countries.

15.) Green Earth Worm

Image Source

Well, I am sure this had surprised you – a green-colored earthworm.

16.) Leptopelis Barbouri

Image Source

There are plenty of green colored frogs and one of them is the Leptopelis Barbouri.

17.) Common Tree Frog

Image Source

Common Tree Frog or Hyla arborea is a green-colored frog native to Jordan.

18.) Green Tree Frog

Image Source

The Green Tree Frog is one of the largest species of frogs in the world. It appears green because light reflects off of a blue under layer of chemicals and through a yellow upper layer, filtering the light to be primarily green.

19.) Mediterranean Tree Frog

Image Source

Mediterranean Tree Frogs are scientifically known as Hyla meriodionalis. This green-colored frog is also commonly known as Stripeless Tree Frog.

20.) Green Iguana

Image Source

The Green Iguana or Common Iguana is endemic to Central and South America and is known by the scientific name of Iguana iguana.

21.) Elaphe climacophora

Image Source

 Elaphe climaphora is a snake species which is notable for its glossy metallic green coloration.

22.) Crotalus basiliscus

Image Source

Crotalus basiliscus is a green-colored venomous pit viper native to Mexico. Its scientific name is literally translated as King Basilisk.

23.) Emerald Tree Boa

Image Source

One of the most colorful snakes in the world is the Emerald Tree Boa or Corallus caninus. This non-venomous boa species inhabits the rainforests of South America.

24.) Smooth Green Snake

Image Source

The Smooth Green Snake or Opheodrys vernalis, as it name implies is a bright green non-venomous snake endemic to North America.  

25.) Green Crocodile

Image Source

I am pretty sure you were surprised to see a green colored crocodile but it does exist. The green crocodile on the above photo was photographed in Kachikali, Bakau in Gambia

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    Excellent collection of species and photos, which has always been your strength Nobert. I personally missed chameleons and boomslang and green vine snake in the list :)

    And by the way, no skin of croc/alligator/caiman/gharial is green by birth. This crocodile is green, thanks to the dirty water and green algae that has grown on its scaly skin.

  2. Raj the Tora Says...

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    And yeah! There are many species of perfect-green grasshoppers and locusts, which are all green except their eyes.

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