What is Really Out There?

An article about a concept of what really may be out there?


We have accepted the fact that there may be life in other galaxies. Let me ask you a question though if a Black hole (massive rock with very high gravity formed from a supernova) bends light so then how do we know where not surrounded by them well the answer to that question is we quite don’t wave never gotten a chance to really experience a black hole. If ALL the suns are different in size temperature and brightness so why can’t a black hole I know planets are different size but hey we usually send a team of astronauts out to space wasting billions of money and finding what?! Squat. Want to know why? Because our time can’t even make it to the moon yet. and that because back then when technology wasn’t that big we did well he did, Neil Armstrong a great man I would have to believe threes more than us humans living in space I mean come on maybe they won’t look as ugly as Hollywood makes or as cool or high tech, Hell maybe tell be even uglier than holly woods. But besides the point as you may know galaxies are made out of stars gas and dust and space is made out of galaxies so believe me right there could be a chance of life on other planets another thing is I don’t think all Galaxies have solar systems but you never know. I hate how scientist come up with theories and how we have to learn up the galaxies could have been here for the longest of time so long that if a man counted that high he would go through gazillions of life’s counting through every day. one example the big bang theory I mean really a explosion boom planets galaxies suns all in each other’s orbit just sitting pretty o and it gets better all our planets clumped up to make themselves. I am a very scientific person I don’t let it get in the way of religion Maybe god really create our world in our pod. Or in India point of view Allah so yea I mean there are many mysteries yet to be solved on the world so were not completely ready for space let perfect our world and get higher technology

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