Update on Ison, Planet X, Nibiru

Having done research for many years and on the Annunaki, Nostradamus,the bible,the Quran and comets :- my conclusion.

 There is a feeling around the world, a subculture if you will, of people who feel something big is coming, they don’t know what it is but they feel it, they start piecing things together that may or may not be true. These are the conspiracy theorists, Prepper’s (people preparing for an apocalyptic future) and every day people searching the internet, for something, they are not sure what, looking for answers to the feeling something is coming and maybe that is why you are reading this, before i proceed i have to say, you are not alone, i am not a nut or a doomsayer, i am just like you searching for the answer.

 My recent article on the Comet Ison (C/2012 S1) of how many prophets in the Bible and also the greatest prophet of all time Nostradamus who foresaw many of our recent historical events, 9/11, JFK, of course his biggest hit to date was Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent demise, with many many more besides that one. His prophesies on the great comet  tell of a time of deceit and the coming of the 3rd Anti-Christ ( 1st Nopolean and  2nd Hitler) and in today’s politics and reasons for war, we all are now seeing the lies for what they are.

 Mother Shipley a 16th century which who was burned at the stake, may have been nothing more than a prophetess, she also has seen many from our times come to pass, she foresaw a time when all men can see the same thing simultaneously (internet), her predictions give us more of a time range than Nostradamus but they both foresaw a devastating comet around our times.

 The questions are, is the great comet Ison? And if so what will happen? The problem with prophesies is that more than likely they are easier to see in hindsight rather than predict BUT this one is in the right time frame and a comet is heading our way. What about Planet X/Nibiru? My answers to all of the above will shock some, others will shrug it off and others will say “I knew it” .

 Ison will not hit Earth however it will break up passing the Sun and send two pieces heading to Earth, one will hit Italy (killing the pope) and one will hit America causing massive distruction. It is a known fact in the conspiracy world that the US make an agreement with Aliens in the 1950s that they would not attack each other,America got stealth etc, Aliens get to experiment on what ever they want, especially cattle.

The Sumarians predicted  the Annunaki will return, and they will, to help mankind. Do not trust them this will be the 3rd Anti-Christ, as i said before all the great prophets predicted not as we imagine, comets but misslies with glowing tails shall fall onto the Earth killing many. The Quran says evil comes from the sky, the bible calls him the great deceiver of men, Nostradamus says Mabus but they are all the same being and none say he is human.

I hope and pray i am wrong and i am not the one Nostradaus predicted would warn the people but it will be too late

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