Unexpected Discovery: A Neighboring Star Has a Planet That Could Support Life

An international team of astronomers has discovered that Tau Ceti, the nearest star that resembles the Sun, as the planet is in our solar system. Moreover, one of the planets orbiting the star, the so-called habitable zone.

Tau Ceti is a short distance from the Earth, it is located just 12 light years from us, which in cosmic terms would translate that is a stone’s throw away. In fact, it is so close to us that night we can see with the naked eye.

The most exciting news is related to planet found in the Goldilocks zone, a place where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, but just right to support life.

The discovery was made by a team of researchers from Australia, Britain, Chile and the United States. In their study, they applied a new technique for filtering information from more than 6,000 astronomical observations. Thus they claim to have been distorted signals, called “noise” that masks the existence of low-mass planets. They applied the technique of Tau Ceti and found that it is not a star but one with a single planetary system.

“This finding is consistent with our view on that point of view virtually every star has planets and the galaxy must have many such planets similar to Earth,” said Steve Vogt.

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