Unbelievable But True Space Facts

Unbelievable but true space facts.

Following are amazing unbelieveable facts about space. There has been tremendous advancements in space sceience during last couple of decades and it’s not very far when common men will start travelling into the limitless boundaries of space the way we travel from one country to another.

  • In outer space free-moving liquids turn themselves into a spherical shape.

  • Earth, Venus and Mercury, are nearest to the sun and are hence called inner planets.

  • Mars has the largest volcano found in solar system.

  • All the stars in the galaxy can be counted in around 3,000 years at a rate of one second per star.

  • There is a 1 in 5 billion chance that one will be killed by space debris.

  • First human feet that landed over moon was left one of Neil Armstrong

  • There were 365,250 days in first Millennium, 1 – 1000 AD.  Current millennium, 1001 – 2000 AD, will consist of 365,237 days. The third millennium, 2001 – 3000 AD, will consist of 365,242 days. This difference is due to the calendar system that was in use during the milleniums.

  • If someone shouts in space even the person standing besides him will not be able to bear him.

  • Among all planets Venus is the only one that rotates clockwise.

  • One Day of planet Pluto is equivalent to a week on Earth

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  1. hector Says...

    On November 12, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    that was the most reading ive ever done about space……………… ive been wanting to be an astronamor sence i was 5 years old

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