Top 10: Incredibly Strong Insects

This is an opinionated list of the top 10 strong insects.

10. Cockroach – One of the toughest creatures on Earth, can live for over a week following decapitation. They can be 15 times more resistant to radiation than humans.

9. Honey Bee – Capable of carrying its own weight in pollen and nectar. Still able to fly when fully loaded.

8. Rhinoceros Beetle – Can lift 30 times its own weight for over 30 mintues without tiring. This is comparable to a man walking a mile with a Cadillac on its head.

7. Ironclad Beetle – Possesses one of the strongest exoskeletons on Earth. It can take a drill or hammer and nail to pierce it.

6. Froghopper – Bug that can jump 28 inches high, 140 times its own height. Comparable to a person jumping 785 ft or 240m.

5. Titan Beetle – Largest beetle in the amazon. Powerful mandibles capable of snapping a pencil in half or ripping human flesh.

4. Leafcutter Ant – Can carry up to 50 times its own body weight. Comparable to a person lifting 2 small cars.

3. Flea – A spring-like structure in its body lets the flea jump 200 times its own body length. That’s te same as a human jumping 344m or five Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

2. Habrobracon – This parasitic wasp can withstand up to 180,000 rads of radiation before dying. Could survive a blast 18 times stronger than Hiroshima.

1. Dung Beetle – Capable of pulling 1,141 times its own body weight. Comparable to a human hauling 180000 pounds or 6 fully loaded double decker buses.

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