Theories and Explanations of Great Masters of Science

Theories and questions.

So consider its author Sankar Chatterjee, a professor at Texas Tech University, a renowned specialist in Geosciences and curator of paleontology collection of the museum university theory to put together the pieces of a giant mosaic of facts and hypotheses linking the theories of chemical evolution geology data about our planet since its inception, resulting in a “louder than any dinosaur discovery,” said the specialist. “It’s what I always sought-the Holy Grail of science,” he says. Seems to be about something that really enlighten enigma: how life began on Earth? Let’s see …

After more than 4 billion years ago when our planet was young , its surface was subjected to intense bombardment also celestial projectiles that left behind large craters containing water and basic chemicals , essential for the formation of living matter . And the same hot and boiling craters were believed Sankar Chatterjee , a sort of natural crucibles , perfect to accommodate complex chemical processes leading to organic matter and then the first simple organisms .

Briefly, we Chatterjee , meteorites and comets that hit Earth 4 billion years ago brought with them the basic ingredients for the emergence of living matter and also have created the right conditions for the emergence of life.

Based on the study of three paleontological sites that contain the oldest fossils in the world – in Greenland , Australia and South Africa – Chatterjee imagined the path that might have arisen first unicellular organisms hydrothermal basins formed impact craters .

“When was formed 4.5 billion years ago , Earth was a planet sterile , uninviting to living organisms ,” he says . “It was a seething cauldron of erupting volcanoes , meteor showers and the hot gases and poisonous . A billion years later, calm was a planet full of water, crawling with microscopic life forms – the ancestors of all living beings. “

The emergence of life – in 4 Steps

For many years , the appearance of life debate has focused on the development of chemical living cells based on organic molecules , through natural processes .

Chatterjee says that life arose in 4 stages , marked by a gradual increase in complexity : cosmic , geological , chemical, biological .

The state space , the Earth in training – as well as other celestial bodies in our solar system – the ” charged ” rain of asteroids and comets icy stone for a long period – from 4.1 billion years ago until 3.8 billion years ago . Ancient craters on other celestial bodies – Mars , Venus, Mercurt Moon – demonstrates the extent of this phenomenon. On Earth , the effects of this phenomenon are not so clearly visible natural processes such as plate tectonics , erosion created by wind and water dynamics wiped largely traces these intense bombing , but once , and use many scars left our planet these cosmic events .

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