The Telescope, The Sky and You

Facts about the Celestron Skyscout personal planatarium.


The Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium is a unique astronomy item from Celestron. This is a hand held mini-computer with a GPS and sky sensors. If the user points it at the sky, the SkyScout will tell the user what item in the sky it was pointed at. Very cleverly, this allows novice users to learn the sky. It also tells the user something about the star, planet, satellite or comet you are pointing at. Weighing slightly over pound with batteries, the device is easy to handle and comes with a carrying case.


Once you locate your star or other item, the SkyScout can tell you a short history of the item and how it fits into the rest of the sky. The SkyScout can give you a nightly report on what to look for in the sky and what is new astronomically. It works anywhere on the planet including all of the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The instrument uses GPS for date, time, and earth location. It also has three axis sensors that locate the position of your object in the sky, and the software that ties it all together.


The SkyScout can also help you locate an item. If you want to see Saturn, it can direct you to its location in the sky. Memory also comes with the system so that you can retain your findings. This is especially nice if you were to find something new in the sky. A USB port on the SkyScout allows you to down load data from memory. Celestron also provides updates for your SkyScout so you do not miss out on a new arriving comet or spaceship launch.


You can attach the SkyScout to a Celestron telescope, but you will have to enter the location data into the telescope to locate and view your object. This is not too much fun in the dark. To solve this problem for its client, Celestron has come up with a connector device which allows actual connection from the SkyScout directly to a computerized telescope. Using the Celestron SLT, SE, Advanced, CPC, or CGE telescope models, the Connect allows the telescope to actually focus on objects without manual entry on your part. While the Connect isn’t cheap, it does prevent a lot of fumbling in the dark and allows you to view more objects in the same amount of time.


There is one problem that some users have with the SkyScout and this is easily correctable. The SkyScout comes with a battery protector to reduce energy loss when the SkyScout is not busy. For some reason, after installing their batteries, the clients throw this away. Without this, you will go through batteries really fast. You can use rechargeable batteries with the SkyScout, although it does not come with this type of battery. This is probably the best way to go with your batteries.


The SkyScout is a revolutionary construct between an optical device and a computer that will open the science of astronomy up to many new people. I believe that some of these people or their descendants with walk on Mars someday. This whole family can learn the stars together with this device.

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