The Richest Solar System Known

The richest solar system known has been dicovered.

Astronomers have discovered a planetary system that contains at least five planets orbiting a star called HD 10180, very similar to our Sun.

This star is located at a distance of 127 light-years in the southern constellation Hydra. Researchers have used the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to monitor light emitted from the system and to identify and characterize planets covered by it.

According to astronomers, we have to deal with the “richest” Exoplanet system – planets outside the solar system – ever discovered. They also believe that this discovery marks the beginning of a new era of research of exoplanets, namely complex study planetary systems and planets, not just the individual.

With tools “high research radial velocity accuracy of the planets” (Harps) of the ESO, Dr Christophe Loaves, from the Centre of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and his team were able to calculate the number of new planets in solar system their masses and even during each orbit.

Planets are not putting number five, is like Neptune, have between them a distance equivalent to the orbit of Mars, making the inner region of their system is more densely populated than our system. Also, the planets seem to have nearly circular orbits.

Although clear signals were received only from the five planets, and other, more diffuse, have been seized a possibility of two more planets, with masses estimated at only 1.4 times the size of Earth. It also predicts a very large star  – only 2% of the distance between Earth and Sun – would mean a year of this planet earth was the equivalent of 1.2 days.

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