The Most Advanced Digital Camera Captured The First Images of Earth (Photo / Video)

Eight billion years ago, rays of light from distant galaxies began a long journey to Earth. Now these rays of light have come on a mountain in Chile, where there is the most advanced digital camera: Dark Energy Camera, the most sophisticated machine created so far to study the sky.

The most advanced digital camera captured the first images of Earth (PHOTO / VIDEO)

     The room was built over eight years and is equipped with a 570 mega pixel sensor.  Dark Energy Camera  is May advanced camera with the ability to capture light more than 100,000 galaxies up to 8 billion light years from our planet. The tool will allow researchers to conduct a number of studies, obtaining a better understanding of the origin of the universe.

The camera is equipped with 62 CCD image sensors that capture the total 570 mega pixels

Fornax cluster, at 60 million light years from Earth

On 12 September the new instrument caught his first images, including cluster 47 Toucan (pictured above), located 17,000 light-years from Earth, and spiral galaxy NGC 1365 (photo), found at 60 million light years from our planet.

Small Cloud of Magellan, a dwarf galaxy located about 200,000 years of Earth

In December of this year will start the project  Dark Energy Survey At May comprehensive study of galaxies taken so far. Over five years, researchers will capture detailed images that will comprise one-eighth of the sky visible from the Andes, measuring 300 million galaxies, clusters of galaxies 100 million and 4,000 supernovae. 

“Project  Dark Energy Survey will allow us to understand why the expansion of the universe accelerating instead of slowing down because of gravity, “he explains Brenna Flaugher, the project manager of this scientific effort. ”It is extremely gratifying to see the efforts of all people involved in this project come to fruition,” said Flaugher.

As shown Blanca telescope in Chile seen from the air

Here’s how it was built the largest digital camera in the world:

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