The Mayan Prophecies of 2012

The mayan prophecies of 2012. Why I think the world is going to an end! The ice melting problem with pictures. Pictures of how the Russians prepare for the end of the world!

Historical evidences about the Mayan civilization date as far as 600 years before the new era. After years of amazing development the Mayans mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind untouched houses, towns and temples, which are gradually wrapped up by the jungle.

 There are many theories about their disappearance, some of which suppose they have disappeared at their own will, other claim that their cultivation methods were wrongful and damaged the earth, other think they were overtaken by a nature disaster.

 The facts don’t prove any of these theories. In fact the Mayans were very advanced in their development: They had knowledge of the wheel but they didn’t use it. Maybe they didn’t need it. NASA satellite discovered they also had mains for watering the crops, so it’s naive to suppose they didn’t know how to cultivate them. It appears that they were similar with the serial production too as they used carefully designed repeating elements in their architecture.

Nowadays scientists, with most modern technology, prove facts, which the Mayas had already known thousands years ago. Mayans precisely defined the time for which our planet travels the distance around the Sun -365.2420 days. Defined by NASA time is 365.2422. The Mayans had calculated the duration of the Venus year – 584 days. NASA proves it is 583.92 days.

Almost nothing left from Mayans civilization after the Spanish occupation on these lands but a special message, written on a stone, consisting seven predictions, was found. Many years passed till the message was deciphered. The first part of the precept is a warning while the second is about the hope.

The First Prophecy: Time of Timeless

The first prophecy reads that in 1999 year, the solar system will step out of the last cycle of the old galactic day and step in the epoch of the darkness, where the human kind will face its own nature.

In fact in 1999 we witnessed the big solar eclipse. The planets were in a position, forming a cosmic cross: The Moon was in front of the Earth, Mars was on right, Jupiter and Saturn on the left, Uranium and Neptune behind the Earth, Venus and Mercury were almost behind the Sun. Each planet was in perfect order, except Pluton.

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