The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope and the observatory telescope is known as the 600 km orbit. This is the first research project is a form of daily work for one of the astronauts. This is to build one of the largest satellite is more complex on 25 April 1990 Space Shuttle Discovery will be used.

70 year old telescope for the purposes of the 20 become century, when NASA and the main scientific objectives, said the decision is:
* Constitution, dynamics and physical properties of celestial bodies.
* The nature of the physical processes under extreme conditions that exist between objects.
* History and evolution of the universe.
* The nature of law, space-time in a row when it is a universal one.

This is due to the relatively small but very high!

The Hubble Space Telescope, truck-trailer (43.5 meter long, 14 meters in diameter) size, weight 12 tons. This is not more than five floors of the tower is that silver can be stacked. However, each tank also houses important telescope equipment. Telescope mirrors, computers, video equipment, and guidance and control focus. The telescope, so that solar panels and antennas for ground communications and power generation companies in operation.

Scientists can do, the atmosphere of the day for the Hubble Space Telescope above the Hubble Space Telescope on the ground than anyone else. On Earth, the atmosphere for the telescope image of the visible light oil – the clouds, precipitation, temperature road. Between her and her observations of stars and galaxies and clouds the air – but may close to the vacuum of space, the Hubble Space Telescope a very clear, sharp images take.

10 Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers worldwide for all send up to 3 gigabytes of data file to 15 to 5 gigabytes. The telescope data after the collection of information on a computer in a long series of numbers sent by radio signals from Earth. Information flows in a series of satellite Gurinberutogodado Space Flight Center in Maryland. They are spread over a phone line for the RAW image data, and then Baltimore. This number is also useful images and data analysis.

The Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers is the name of Edouinhabburupeji. As a child of the Hubble Space Telescope to read long stretches a story in the center of the earth water. These stories run a series of Hubble Space Telescope imaginative young writers adventure. He wants to study in the field of astronomy, to change distant galaxies, astronomers using telescopes to a theory developed and will be made this childhood dream.

But Hubble is not fixed soon astronomy career. He studied law at Queen’s University as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England first. After passing the bar exam a year, Hubble, is his love is greater than noticed that his star attraction of the exploration of the law. So, law, astronomy, and he received his doctorate in 1917, went to the University of Chicago.

At that time the largest telescope, the Hubble space more Andromeda (now the Andromeda galaxy, or M31), seems far away. In this powerful telescope, he saw the stars at the edge of the Andromeda galaxy Andromeda is the reason why in his own right. He is, galaxies, stars and planets revealed that no more than our galaxy. He also confirmed that they are distributed almost evenly in all directions.

Hubble, how to resume his studies, he discovered that the universe is expanding. More distant galaxies from the red earth at the end of the spectrum, the movement of light – red shift. In 1929, he was faster and far away galaxy from Earth, from its redshift, see the distance displayed. Known as the Hubble law has this discovery is the basis for the Big Bang theory. Theory that the universe began after the end of the period of rapid inflation of a catastrophic event. Movement is a continuation of the movement of galaxies away from us. Discovery Hubble Space Telescope, is one of the greatest victories of the 20th Century astronomy considered. But until the start of the Hubble Space Telescope, it is difficult to determine.

A telescope in orbit, the astronomers a better view than the space they are old. Space in the world of photo shows the astonishing beauty of the telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope view of the exploration of space and time, many of the world’s leading astronomers. Design life of at least 15 years, Hubble, interesting new data about black holes, the birth of galaxies, gives the course a planet around another star system, expansion of the universe.

Astronomers can get an idea of how the universe developed. Distant objects, the origin of the universe after the Big Bang, and more. We are currently have seen at 300,000 miles per second, so light and the earth, the object was traveling a great distance between the light can travel only, it is. Thus, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided a snapshot of the universe at different times in history available. For example, a series of photos has now called Hubble Deep Field in 1995. The telescope is 10 days, the sky looked the same area for long-term exposure. The scientists are in various stages of development at different distances and bewildering array of galaxies discovered at least 1500th Thus, the theory of galaxy formation seen to be like.

Like any other mechanical equipment, but requires coordination with the Hubble Space Telescope a normal window. Therefore, the observation, Space Telescope Science Institute, Goddard Space Flight Center scientists, engineers, hundreds of teams of programmers. Flat regular service the Hubble Space Telescope mission. NASA will sooner or later, if necessary, send astronauts into space, or for maintenance every three years.

Occurred after the first important question of maintenance. Since the telescope can not focus all the light from the object to the serious problems of inadequate Hubble Space Telescope primary mirror, formed during the manufacturing process. Instead, he saw pictures of fuzzy halo around objects, the observed it is almost useless, sent to earth. Other features such as glass – - throw it on the shuttle’s payload bay installed, the space shuttle Endeavour astronauts begin a telescope two new devices, please solve this problem. The new lens system to correct deficiencies, the beams, Co-Stars are a number of small mirrors, which are defective in the mirror blocks (Space Telescope Axial Replacement Satoru Akira correction), known as the focus of transport scientific instruments to the beam true mirror.

Hubble telescope repair mission to determine whether the image can be improved, but again they have given scientists an unprecedented view of the universe, something absolutely amazing. Now, all the equipment in the Hubble Space Telescope is stored, the mirror to the deficiencies which are built of light correctly, the rolls are no longer needed.

Another important task, please correct the orbit of the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble gyroscope itself points from six stars and galaxies is very precise, accurate, and should be in the photo left. The three gyroscopes must strive to stabilize the satellite. Unfortunately, the four gyroscopes that occur simultaneously. be two months Hubble “Safe Mode”. In this way, astronomers can not comment.

The huge pool, for astronaut training at Johnson Space Center Mission. Assistance to the water area listening to rebuild. The particular model of water floating with the space telescope a dress, the mission of their own practices. But you, the final docking with the Hubble Space Telescope, astronauts on Space Shuttle mission delay is concerned, all six gyroscopes. The main computer system and to improve the thermal insulation cover of the new telescope to get their security.

The goal of the Hubble Space Telescope, scheduled maintenance was to replace the project easily. These projects are in the range from shoebox-sized cell phone. Most of these items are installed with a power tool or a special key and can be removed.

The acquisition cost of $ 150 million in U.S. 230-2500000, in orbit, the Hubble Space Telescope to build a total budget. However, the money is not just for the daily operations of the Hubble is not. The analysis of scientific data, and future development includes funding for hardware and related software. More importantly, give the space around us, and that our knowledge about the image. The data is only money!

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