That Day “Doomsday”

That Day "Doomsday"

 That day, she approached. In the world of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wars will have taken the lead. At the end of this fact isobvious. Doomsday. This is an end. Final exam. Think you not afraid? Just as the fear of a painful sadness? Do not you wonderwhy only them? That day, the “doomsday” What will happen? How do you disconnect? Here are the answers to these questions.

 That day, when is primarily a disorder silent embrace hand. As they say ”silence of the storm before,” this is so. Outsidegezmeyecek even a person to the left. Not even the sight of ahuman being. What dark blue sky. But it is a grayish blue dark bluemixture. Drawn March greenhouse. Do not flying birds. Plants die, the Dry Water, will not live state.

 So the actual realized that day that is going to be the apocalypse?Here’s what happens when the moment …

Suddenly he heard a voice from heaven ürkecek mess. The starswill burn. The sun will explode. Every autumn a flame in the world.Asteroids can not be sustained. End of life. Everyone is going to leave their own problems. No one who does not use one. Mother will take the children. Think about yourself. Pregnant women will take their children inside. Everyone rushes to get rid of the path of anindependent defense. But no matter what people get out of thissituation. This is an order. It. God commanded it. People escape from that day.

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