Hubble Space telescope can see a far in Space beyond any other telescope has ever seen.

Telescopes are used to make space observations. It is the main tool for the astronomers. They are placed at high altitudes on Earth as the atmosphere is clear for viewing sky. These days telescopes are placed in Space too.

The Hubble Space telescope is the latest and the largest one to observe the space objects. It was launched in 1990. It has located an expanding cloud of around 50 times the diameter of the Solar System, encircling a binary star, Aquaria.

Hubble Space Telescope

Very large telescopes are to see far in the Space. This telescope at Mt. Palomar, California is 2000 meters high and has lens as big as a giant dish.

I.R.A.S in Space

Images of two colliding galaxies taken by Hubble Space telescope.

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