Synopsis : Interior Love Behind The Moon (1-6)

Interior Love Behind the Moon.

Flowers, honey …
I write this in a cafe, just after sunset on the horizon disappear Sea port city of peace. You know, since we decided to never again met each other, I immediately packed up following the long voyage that will not back this. An odyssey that will kutempuh all the time, toward the State behind the Moon. The old town and the magnificent Sea is a haven for some of keberapa since our departure from years past Halmahera Islands.

I joined the entourage that consisted of approximately two thousand people, with two ships which always drove dashing wave splitting. Most of them were displaced by the riots. Were several hundred other people is a special passenger who came from all directions. Namely, the duty bearers ancestors each of which has prepared them for several generations before they were born. Maybe I’m the only members who join for reasons that are almost by accident.

If your pretty eyes can come to see the incredible scenery stunning that night, you will certainly not help the desire as each one of us who joined in this holy. Is a pure impulse to be so fast to penetrate the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime. To leave all sorrow and suffering, and meet new life in the land of enchantment, of State Beyond the Moon.

Love my flowers, either after how many hours we waited with a feeling almost of despair, in the morning at the beginning of the millennium we finally actually witnessed the emergence of a straight line of white-silvery sheen and luster of increasingly blue at both ends. That is a being who has been impatiently waiting for us with more heart pounding. The line was initially appears as a thin light reflecting off the moon’s face peeking out from behind the lighthouse tower Malina Bay Port. Under the arch kesumba colored sky, the light that fell through the mist that floats above the sea surface and instantly turn it into a sprinkling of various particle countless pearls.

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