Solar Storm Could be New Source of Energy

WASHINGTON – At this time, we are lucky enough to avoid adverse effects of solar storms. In the future, perhaps we could harness that energy to produce electricity.

Softpedia proclaimed on Monday (3/26/2012), between 8 to 10March, the upper atmosphere that protects Earth from solar radiation received electrical energy. The amount of energy obtainedfrom the explosion of the Sun (solar flares) and the coronal mass ejection, may be enough to feed electricity throughout New York for two years.

Astronomers studying this phenomenon with a variety of purposes.One of them is to find a reason how the influence of the Sun makesthe Earth habitable.

This measurement is done by means Sounding of the Atmosphereusing Broadband Emission Radiometry (Saber), which exist in theMesosphere satellite Thermosphhere Energetics and Dynamicsionosphere (timed) belongs to NASA.

Timed used for new research since the release of physicists has detected the Sun solar explosion X5 level on 6 March. Two days later, it releases a cloud of particles hit Earth’s atmosphere,producing a stunning aurora.

“Thermosphere layer like a Christmas tree light up. Layer beginswith intensive light at infrared wavelengths, as the inclusion of the effect of the thermostat,” said James Russell, experts andresearchers Saber from Hampton University.

“Unfortunately, there is no real solution for this type of energyharvesting. It’s very spread out and far from the surface of the Earth.Plus, most of the energy is sent back into space,” added MartinMlynczak, space experts from NASA Langley Research Center(LRC ).

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