Scientific Thingies About 2012

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and his dog are talking about the ancient Mayan “prophecies” and the end of the earth, or civilization or life or… something.

Maybe, it won’t be a dire as predicted…who knows… really?; but there are a few scientific oddities about 2012. Things that might make you say… hmmmmm..

Think of a cd or dvd disk.
Imagine the hole at the center to be a black hole and the disk itself, the milky way galaxy. 

Now think of the cd being slightly slanted toward you .

Put the earth (and our solar system) somewhere on the [relative] top towards the  the black hole.
Now put the sun between the earth and the milky way.

Should we ignore 2012?
Is there any basis for the hype?

It is postulated that around 21 december 2012, the earth, sun and the milky way will align in such a way that the earth, the sun and the black hole at the centre of the milky way will line up. but that is not all.

The thing to remember about black holes is that they let nothing go, not even light.

Other planets will line up in such a way that what is called ‘the great galactic  cross’ will form.

While it is felt that earth wont be sucked in, any gravitational source  that size competing with the sun must cause problems on earth.

Around that time,  the solar system will change its relative position to the milky way in such a way, that if the galaxy were the globe itself, then the solar system will move from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.

our relative position to the milky way will then move from top to bottom.

in addition, the earth’s tilt will, it is thought, reach tipping point at the end of a 26,800 year cycle, reversing the earth’s polarities or north pole becomes south pole or florida for that matter… but that is another discussion.

Scientists think that such a reversal of polarities will occur as a result of what is called the ‘precession of the earth’ in which the earth gives a little hiccup as it reaches the point where the tilt of the earth (which gives the seasons ) is such that it will become unbalanced and overturn (as it were). 

The important thing to note is that the earth will brake for a moment.

Now the earth has two components, an outer layer  and an inner core.  

Think of an orange, we live on the skin. 

When that happens, it is postulated that the skin of the earth will slide around the still spinning core, the ball of metal that is at the center of the earth. 
The effect of this is that the magnetic north will now be in the south pole and vice versa. 
Massive earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis are possible owing to newton’s third law. ‘for every action  there is an equal and  opposite reaction.’

At around the same time, the sun will begin what is expected to begin a solar maximum which is the stage at which sunspot activity is highest. Scientists predict that sunspot activity in the 11 year sunspot cycle between solar maximum and solar minimum will be the highest in the 100 years of observed activity.

The possibility of  continuing massive solar flares and intense electromagnetic radiation may radically affect (to the point of utter destruction of circuits) our electromagnetically based technology.  
A single [or a series] natural EMP (electromagnetic pulse)  as a result of solar flaring, could wreak havoc on satellites as well as in our homes and lives.
Your iPhone and your ISP equipment could go dead forever were it to be hit by an EMP.
So could your car or plane or anything electric in an armageddon scenario.

 The other thing is that the earth, during all of this, will be at the farthest point it gets from the sun, every 100 thousand years…

While it may be that the maya (central america) and egyptians(north africa), and hopi(north america) and the dogon tribe(central africa) etc)  could have had some  ’supernatural’  help in pointing to 21 december 2012 (the winter equinox),

NASA observations alone should lead us to the conclusion that the earth is in a time of potential danger on a fundamental level.
A point where mass extinctions are possible, including human populations.

If any of this is true then  I would predict instability across the world starting with equatorial regions which are most exposed to the sun.

It has to affect humans before we see the physical signs, I think…

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2 Responses to “Scientific Thingies About 2012”
  1. Lovell Abello Says...

    On October 20, 2011 at 8:49 am

    Good heavens! Sir, have you heard about chaos clouds? The blood moon, among others?

  2. Krishna Singh Reynolds Says...

    On October 20, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    ..erm… no i haven’t. but my take on all of this is that the mysticism aside, we are going to be in a once in a 26,000 year occurrence.

    shouldn’t we be thinking a little about that… ignore the ancient alien, maya, 2012 , if you wish (or not)… but the science we ignore at our peril… IMHO

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