Science: Discovery of Extra-galactic Planet First

Discovery of Extra-Galactic Planet First.

There is no deadline for the reason astronomers. Maybe this is what we can say about this new discovery.

Currently, as we know, there are more than 300 exoplanets have been discovered with the growing pace of discovery from time to time. Of all yag been found, only one planet that looks directly, Others recovered from the effects of the planet on its parent star, ie, by looking at changes keerlangan the star when the planet passed. If so, surely we should be able to see the star. In other words, the observations can only be done on a local area that is in the Milky Way.

At least that is what the astronomers, to date.

But, not so for Gabriele Ingroso from the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Italy, and colleagues. For them, there is really a way to discover planets in other galaxies. The trick is to take advantage of the phenomenon of gravitational micro lens which focuses the light from a star faraway objects to the Earth.

Profits, micro lens works very well for distant objects, which can be said to be ideal for hunting planets in other galaxies. In theory, it’s possible to see Earth-sized objects in this way. But the drawback is, micro lens is relatively fast, where the incident took place just a few days maximum. It certainly makes the observation more difficult to be tested.

It’s hard to be able to observe planets and even a single star, but so far, astronomers have identified a number of stars in the Andromeda through this way. Besides planning to observe more stars were staying just one step away.

But, in the midst of all the planning, there is a new news.

The light from one of the stars in Andromeda show changes a clue where the other objects that orbit the star.

And analytical results Ingrossso and his colleagues showed that the object has a mass of about 6 Jupiter masses. This object was heading to the area classification as brown dwarfs. But he is also still in the area as a planet.

If it is a planet, the planet is the first extra-galactic.

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