Reveals The Secrets of The Solar System

Human curiosity to continue to explore the secrets of nature may not be stopped, including trying to explore the secrets of the solar system.

Confidential environment in the outer Solar System revealed littleafter some scientists found that the environment beyond theinfluence of the Sun is different, and far more bizarre than imagined. The difference is the amount of oxygen. There is moreoxygen contained in the solar system than in the Interstellar orinterstellar regions.

Scientists do not yet know why. However, there is the possibility of life-supporting material hidden in the dust or ice space.

Reveal the puzzle is not separated from service spacecraftInterstellar Boundary Explorer (Ibex), which was launched in 2008.Spacecraft was intended to study the environmental limits of the Solar System in which the flow of particles from the Sun collidewith interstellar cold gas in the area.

Surround from a distance of 320,000 km above the Earth, Ibexdetect particles flowing into the Solar System. The protectivebubble around the Sun and planets prevent incoming cosmicradiation, but the neutral particles from passing through easily so that Ibex can find out the distribution.

Although the outer Solar System environment has less oxygen, itshould not be a reason for the termination of the search for planets similar to Earth. According to Geoff Marcy of the University of California Berkeley, there are a lot of oxygen in the other stars in the Milky Way and beyond the usual place of stars and planets formed.

Scientists also hope that the results can still study the Voyagerspacecraft, launched in 1977 and explores the boundaries of the Solar System since 2004. In recent months, Voyager will enterthe interstellar region and ready to uncover another secret.

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