Pops, are You From Outer Space?

Shocking theories and hypothesises that may well explain or origin! From outer space!? Are we really children of cosmic astronauts from other planets light-years away? Find out on this article!!

In this particular article I would like to discuss the topic based on theories and hypothesises claimed by an Azeri-born American author, Zecharia Sitchin, who claims that human beings originally involved extraterrestrail beings or ‘ancient astronauts.’ Zecharia proposes the idea that early in Earth’s history, extraterrestrials had arrived on Earth to mine minerals especially gold. During this time their slaves were genetically altered homo erectus, containing traces of their own genes to help in complicated tasks. Zecharia also has very wild claims that categorized as pseudoscience and pseudohistory by the entire scientific community, believing his translations of ancient Sumerian texts, from which he gained the abovementioned information, are completely wrong and absurd, and even accuse his knowledge of anthropology, biology and astronomy. One of the claims of Zecharia was that originally the Solar System contained 12 planets rather than today’s 9 planets. He said this bearing in mind that the Sumerians considered the Sun, Moon and Pluto as being important celestial bodies. But he also claims that during the formation of the solar system, there was no Earth, rather two extra planets that are not present in today’s solar system. He claims that a planet had been located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and one beyond the oribit of Neptune both respectively named (according to ancient Sumerian texts) Tiamat and Nibiru. Nibiru, Zecharia claims, takes 3,600 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. According to Zecharia’s interpretation of the Sumerian texts that coincide with Biblical accounts, one of Nibiru’s moons struck with Tiamat that split in half. On a second pass, Nibiru itself struck on one half of Tiamat causing the creation of the asteroid belt, while one of its moon once again collided with the other half of Tiamat creating the Earth. According to Zecharia, the planet Nibiru was home to an extraterrestrial race called the Annunaki according to Sumerian myth and Nephilim in the Genesis. Zecharia claims that the Annunaki arrived on Nibiru 450,000 years ago and came to Earth in search of the abovementioned gold that they wished to mine. The original ‘Gods’ that arrived at Earth were supposedly rank-file workers for the colonial expedition to Earth from Nibiru. According to Zecharia, the working Gods became exhausted of the mining work and mutinied against the Annunaki. Thus as a solution, the Superior Gods created homo sapiens to be their slaves, by genetically altering homo erectus with their own DNA to create human beings. This is startling is it not? This theory is extremely crisp and detailed yet current scientists are beginning to find evidence of such interference from other-worldly beings! Maybe Zecharia Sitchin was right? Are we truly descendants of an ancient race of extraterrestrials that had once resided on the planet Nibiru, hiding beyond the frontiers of the solar system, passing every 3,600 years?

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