Planet Behind The Sun: Planet X?

There is an old idea that what if there was another planet behind the sun, relatively similar to earth. It has the exact same orbital period as the earth, directly behind the sun.

The so called planet x is originally a scifi concept that what if there was another planet on the other side of the sun relative to the earth, its antipod, this idea has been portrayed in several movies as stranger and far side of the sun. But what if this was true? could it be true?Is it possible that when our solar system was created 2 particle clouds formed into planets on either side of the sun? what if there was simple life on this planet or even advanced lifeforms wandering the same?

Well there is no way of lookin “around” the sun from earth. Planet X popular research featured prominently at the Laughlin UFO conference in Nevada.  Planet X is probably located at the Lagrangian point pehind the sun making it invisible to us as we cannot see behind the sun. See the animation below. Red plus is the sun and the 2 white spots are earth and planet x.

There has been a lot of research going on about planet X we have often had the chance to “peak” behind the sun with different telescopes but they couldnt find Planet X people belleived this wasnt enough to disprove the theory so a space probe was sent out to go around the sun on the earths orbit to spot this mystry planet unfortunatly no “planet X” was found but many people are not cinvinced by the space probe. Many people are still convinced there is a planet possibly like the earth out there.

In conclusion, although the idea of a planet “behind” the sun is frightfully interesting i beleive it does not exist because i think a space probe is more than enough to prove the absence of this Planet X

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Lagrangian points

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4 Responses to “Planet Behind The Sun: Planet X?”
  1. kyousuke Says...

    On December 10, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    The planet would have a similar orbit to Earth\’s own but it probably moves much faster. according to old legends, a large object collided with earth. it could have been planet X. it could have been at its closest when it hit and after so many hundreds or thousands of years return to its position behind the Sun. this is my speculation

  2. tj Says...

    On September 7, 2011 at 11:52 am

    if there is another planet behind the sun then it would be the duplicity of earth without the physical mass and magnetic structure..therefore it would be electrical as a form and thereby invisible to us…
    The alternating pole sequences here on earth would then correspond to the other earth as energising one planet whilst displacing on the other..a bit like a bedini pulse motor…
    You have opened up something I was researching about 11 years ago thanks for the

  3. jacobus Says...

    On October 4, 2011 at 12:10 am

    If there is life at an other planet, then they already found it.
    I can come up with an excuse for keeping it secret,
    but then some people may find my excuse insulting & dangerous…

    But I am sure that we are not allone, cause if there are multiple different forms of life already at this eath, (fish birds horses kows dogs cats etc.)
    then this is mostlikely also the case around earth,

    And now the question of me is;
    if they had found life at an other planet, would it make us happier, or are the people up to do something aweful then?
    And if WE aren NOT up to do something aweful down there, then the question will be;
    would it make them happier. Or instead of happier, very scared?!
    And if it are none of these 2 possebillitys,
    then there would still be a danger that THEY are up to do something aweful with US!!

    Because when we found them, they also have found us mostlikely.

    But as my grandmom always said when I whas about to take the last kookie from the table; NOT THAT FAST, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE…

  4. Phicer Says...

    On February 20, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    This is something I had just thought of and am glad to see that others have already been looking into this. I believe that another planet is orbiting the sun at the same speeds as Earth. the only difference is that our planet (E1) was hit by a lager object which created our moon. thus our ocean began to shift, unlike (E2) the planet opposite to us. this would have a massive difference between the two planets. One with a moon, one with out. Think of the possibilities.

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