Nibiru and Tiamat

According to some sources actually exist according to others it is only a myth. Yet many theorists and konšpirantov believe even they are sure that these two planets once actually existed.

Known scholar Zecharia Sitchin who became famous book Twelfth Planet believes that once before 5.5 billion years ago there were two planets Tiamat and Nibiru. Tiamat was in orbit around the Sun close all other orbiting planets. Behind him followed Nibiru which was but one part of its Orbital closer to the Sun. This implies that the Orbital two planets crossed the

This is a konšpiranti but researchers conclude that if their path crossed each other at two points Orbital, so it is quite likely that their impact was. Scientists who believe in Nibiru and Tiamat concluded that the likelihood of the drawback of the two planets may be quite high given the short orbits are only slightly larger than the Earth.

The ancient Sumerians, the tables were found to already know in their time on the planet Nibiru, and also describe the Tiamat.

Nibiru was for them a big dead rock the planet on which civilization lived the Sumerians, which was divine. Scientists believe that this civilization has advanced, even much more advanced than ours.

Tiamat was a little smaller planets but with very thick, about 20 km thick atmosphere and the surface has been coverage of the open oceans and ice at the poles created by the mainland.

About 5 billion years the planet shrank. It was probably pretty much the only scrape about themselves but the consequences were greater than anyone you can ever imagine. Nibiru was solid planet and thus on its surface nothing serious happened and did not undermine its structure, but its orbit was deflected from its original and has its orbit takes 3,600 years. Tiamat is a result of impact shattered into millions of small and large fragments.

From these fragments for more than 2.5 billion years allegedly formed planets Mercury, Venus, Earth. Tiamat small moon that due to fragmentation of its orbit, the planet was no longer attracted to incorporate into an ordinary orbit. Perhaps it is our close neighbor, Mars, and maybe not, these questions can not answer yet no one.

One thing is certain, however, certainly existed Nibiru, which is already supported by today’s findings and the Mars Orbital familiar in today’s asteroid belt was definitely some planet. When and if it was Tiamat certainly know it yet …

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