NASA Blew Up The Moon

What’s all the buzz about the moon getting blown up about?

First of all, the moon wasn’t completely blown up, its still there in the sky. The mission was called LCROSS, and the point of the mission was to find out if there is frozen water in the part of the moon that the sun never shines on. A centaur, part of the LCROSS space craft, was launched into the moon, creating a crater, and another space craft called Shepherding was launched into the new crater, creating a crater 22m deep.

The Centaur impacted into the moon on Oct 9, 2009, at 9:30 AM PST, and the Shepherding followed a few minutes later.The images that were recorded by the LCROSS spaceship are still being reviewed, but it was stated that the results that were found in the debris were far better than expected. We can guess that this means there is water on the moon, or something else that would be important if the US decided to colonize the moon. The explosions were expected to destroy at least 500 metric tons of the moon in total. The exact amount excavated hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The impact wasn’t as visually prominent as expected, meaning there was no huge explosion. The plume of debris that occurred after the impact was supposed to be visible through an amateur telescope, but not even the very powerful telescopes have reported seeing it. This is unusual, as the plume was supposed to rise 10km away from the moon. The Centaur’s speed immediately before impact was supposed to be twice the speed of a bullet. Its velocity immediately before impact was over 10,000km/h.

Pictures of the impact and results were also supposed to have been released within an hour of impact, but it took several weeks for the first results to come, and the success or in success of finding water hasn’t yet been clarified. The disappearance of the plume and the late results mean something:

Something unexpected occurred on October 9, and the public won’t find out what anytime soon.

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