Movie Review: “John Carter” Death Fighting on Mars

Mentioned the environment on Mars is friendlier to life than the state of Planet Venus.

Mentioned the environment on Mars is friendlier to life than the state of Planet Venus. But the ideal is not enough considering the air temperature and air pressure is low enough.
But unexpectedly, there was fierce fighting on the planet also known as Balsoom. The Helium tribe is not like to tribe Zodanga arbitrariness. Due to the damage created Zodanga Tribe, Balsoom endangered if not immediately resolved.

Expectations of the creation of peace were highly coveted Helium citizens. One of them came up a hero who can save the planet from extinction Balsoom. In the midst of the despair of King Helium Tardos Mors, starring Ciaran Hinds decided to match her ​​daughter, Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) by King Zodanga Sab Than (Dominic West). All that is need to make two tribes in peace especially for the sake of Balsoom unity.
Until at length at unexpected times, appeared a man from Virginia, United States John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Men who have the unique ability, charming to the entire Balsoom resident, including Dejah. The Helium princess was instantly captivated and has great hopes on the shoulders of Carter.

But Carter had in mind just back to earth, or a place where Balsoom people call  Jarsoom planet. Tough choice between protecting the planet from extinction Balsoom or returned to Jarsoom.
Will he accept the offer of Dejah and herfriends or more follow personal desires? And what the Carter ability make the  Balsoom nation highly admired  in him?

Just Watch the entire film John Carter, directed by AndrewStanton with this amazing animation on your favorite cinemasnext week.

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    Great review!

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    I loved the book. Looking forward to the movie.

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    Sounds interesting movie

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