Mercury in Pisces Connection to Venus &Ndash; Journal Notes of Interest

Astrology is sometimes better understood when discovering events in retrospect. Searching for elements that are precursors to other 2012 phenomena, I stumbled across an interesting prediction that had already happened to me. So, here’s a journal with a few perceptions of Venus transits, and how they can make an imprint. This transit is a precursor to more Venus events up and coming.


Mercury touches upon several issues when passing through the arc of any sign, and as it is currently passing through Pisces some indepth understanding comes through the celestial connection. The focus has a mediumistic quality between Mercury being about mentality, and Pisces having the other worldly sensitivity. In short, knowledge may come through mystical pathways.


From “Planets in Transit,” Robert Hand states that a number of results emerge during the influence of Mercury transiting Pisces.   Reading astrology within the lines on the subject of mercury transits, the topic of knowledge (mercury’s influence) enters the description.  Illustrated within this text, Hand provides a description of how the native experiences sudden and unlikely understanding of a very complex issue. For me, an empirical observation happened in retrospect of an uncanny incident. 


When reading about quantum energy fields, I was able to make it all the way through a lengthy article with clear understanding of this complex subject.  Astonished about gaining a normally unlikely comprehension of this new found knowledge, I had been thinking about it a lot.  So, the incident was fresh in my mind by the time I happened along upon Robert Hand’s article about mercury’s effects. With mercury conjunction Pisces, it is said that knowledge has a special avenue of comprehension. 

Despite a weak science background, I was able to understand quantum energy.  I had never been a science scholar ever, yet the comprehension of the quantum theory registered in my mind with no discernable effort.  Maybe the astrology experience helped, because I’m inclined to believe that astrology is understood similarly to quantum energy.

This astrology transit is specific to my personal natal chart placement of Jupiter in Pisces.  It’s demarcated as such because of where Jupiter was located when I was born.  Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion.  In this case, the conjunction with mercury registered as a mental expansion (Jupiter=expansion) that comes as a breakthrough of understanding.  The mercury event could have been applied to business theories or other interests depending on an individual’s astrology chart.

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So, in a like manner, anywhere Pisces appears in a natal chart, that area will receive the blessing of mental or spiritual insight brought on by a Mercury transit.  The astrology of Pisces exalted in Venus plays a very big part in the essence of the 2012 hullabaloo. Venus is heading into some transits that haven’t happened in approximately 600 years.  The chain of events stems back to the times of the Inquisition. Humanity may go through a spiritual revolution.  The Arab Spring is only the beginning. More important data concerning Venus is yet to be explored. Venus astrology is a major player in some up and coming consciousness changes for all of humanity.

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