Mercury in Pisces Astrology Means Create

Part of the emphasis on Venus and her debut is Mercury visiting the arc of Pisces. Pisces and Venus go hand in hand toward promoting artistic and creative endeavors. With Mercury highlighting the mind, thinking, and communication, and Pisces exaltation in Venus, this transit is a precursor to a history making focus on the planet of love and beauty.

With a heavy astrological focus on Pisces, especially during this week, Mercury transiting the arc of Pisces won’t inspire a get-up-and-go attitude, but rather a receptive one.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is exalted in Venus. Sympathetic Pisces is known for having receptors that pick up on otherworldly phenomena associated with the shrouded planet where Poseidon rules.  Rather than fiery inspiration, ideas that seem to come from nowhere begin to lead thinking onward because of communicative mercury infused with Neptunian influence.  This transit lasts until the second week of March 2012.

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Imagine the beautiful colors in the shroud that lingers around planet Neptune, and tune in.

Pisces is a water sign.  Fluency in writing is favored during this time of Piscean astrological effects.  Poetry, haikus, short stories flow with ease, like waves lapping into shore.  Any artistic art form flourishes under the effects of this transit. 

Attenuate the background noise and set aside a little time for daydreaming to open receptive channels.  Be a little wary of schemes that you might encounter. The best way to handle this possibility is to sort through mental processes to avoid self deception.  Even if the deception is coming from outside into your thinking, the final input is up to you.

Mercury stays in the arc of Pisces until the second week of March.  The winged messenger brings creativity and communication into focus.  Add this with the dreamy element of Pisces, and it’s all systems go.

Mercury astrology transits only connect with a person’s chart on one day, depending on the degree of the planet and the astrology chart of the subject.  However, through other configurations, Pisces has been in the limelight.  With the sun currently in the Pisces realm, the arc of Mercury’s influence is expanded. Venus underlies the whole mix, contributing to creativity. Though this may not sound like much, the one day transit could have enough astrological impact to be life changing.

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