I Am Crazy

I went wobbly and shaky after.

I went wobbly and shaky after I stepped out of the room doctor Bowo, a specialist psychiatric famous in my town. I’m so sorry my friend’s advice, see the doctor’s soul, and more sorry again, I vent to him, if the advice is not there, now I’ll never hear the chatter of the soul’s physician.

“From the stories before, seemed to have Mr. psychiatric disorders”, he concluded, I was very surprised, like mad, I want to throw a silver pen tucked in his shirt pocket, I want to slam the chair I sit on the body , I want to strangle him .

But I was silent, staring blankly, then grabbed a pen tucked in the pocket, then I held it like a knife, I’m getting closer to the doctor, Ups ….. without saying goodbye I rushed out of his office.

“I continue to want to be with the moon” I write on facebook status, I ignored the comments go, I was just thinking about the moon, the moon is always use wings to fly with me, every night I was invited to explore the space up to the Andromeda galaxy. on the moon has been with me to a psychiatrist.

“Why did the doctor say I’m crazy, do wrong to want to have a month, though the moon had dimmed forever, I still want to have it” my story to you

“I am is not crazy, a crazy doctor, I believe me right?”

“Yes .. , you are my best friend, I believe, Thank ya”

Only he who heard the story about the moon, he believes my stories, the story is more captivating smile months and months that often come to me. Although he already knew about the dim past month have swallowed black hole, but he still believes.

“Sister, I come?” I heard a voice calling me months.

Then the moon disappeared before me, in front of me just looking bars, I was confined in a small room wearing a white shirt.


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  1. jennifer eiffel01 Says...

    On March 30, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Surprising, but good end. I liked the whole thing

  2. marqjonz Says...

    On March 30, 2012 at 9:37 am

    I like the story, but it shouldn’t be in Astronomy.

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