How The World Was Created

Possibles theories on how the world was created!

            How the Universe Was Created

         The theories of how the universe was created range from magical fairies, as the explanation of a four year old, (my sister) to the existence of God, all the way to more scientific approaches like the big bang theory. What will become of the universe? Will it keep expanding or will it shrink down? Of course all of this will happen on the course of over billions of years. In fact, the universe is about 13.7 billions of years.

         According to the big bang theory, (the most possible theory, other than of course fairies) is that the universe formed in an instant, enormous explosion. The universe kept expanding rapidly for millions of more years. The universe is billions of times larger now then it was then. Now, in a time line perspective, after a few hundred thousand years later, atoms formed. Then about 200 millions years later, gravity caused the first stars and galaxies to form.

         How did our soar system form? Well about 5 billion years ago, humongous clouds collapsed on top of each other to for our solar system. Soon after that, gravity started working its magic. It began pulling the solar nebula (the large cloud of dust) so that it started shrinking and as it shrank, it spun faster and faster until the nebula spun so fast, that it flattened Gravity pulled almost all of the gas together so nuclear fusion can begin, thus the sun was born.

Soon following were planetesimals. Planetesimals are the building blocks of planets that look like small asteroids and comets. Planetesimals collided and became bigger thus creating planets. Planets that were close to the sun, the inner planets, were so hot and dense that they formed small and rocky while the outer planets were farther away from the sun consequently become cooler in order for some comets to be formed.

Evidence that of the big bang is very great. The great American astronomer Edwin Hubble studied the spectrum of many galaxies and concluded that galaxies are moving away from each other, probably the cause of an explosion. No why does the explosion part sound familiar? Edwin made an important discovery that later became known as Hubble’s law. It states that the further away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away from us.

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