How Day and Night is Formed

An article explaining how night and day is formed. Useful for school projects, homework and curious minds.

An Earth day lasts 24 hours. It is split into two sections- day and night. Day time is when you can see the sun in the sky but at night  you cannot.

Days and nights are formed when the Sun shines on one half of the Earth but the other half is in darkness. For the brighter half it is day time but for the darker half it is night. Everyone gets night and day when the Earth rotates on its axis so one half is in daytime while the other half is in night time but as the Earth turns on its axis the light from the sun will shine on the half that was just in darkness making it daytime there but the half that was in the light will go to the darker side making night time there. The Earth will keep on rotating making days and nights go by.                                                                                                                 


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