How Aware are You?

Being aware is the stimulus of all evolution from atoms to life.

If you take a Plasma lamp and place your hand on it the plasma is aware of you.

 From the beginning of our Universe being aware has been the driving force of all evolution.

 That is the way particles form atoms and atoms form molecules and cells.

 For millions of years some fish and plants were aware of land and after many years of natural selection they crawled out and conquered the land.

 Dinosaurs were aware of the sky and millions of years later they evolved to conquer the skies as birds.

 When the rift valley was formed primates became aware of the huge grasslands and they adapted  until you and I existed.

 Understanding awareness is the key to all successful evolution

News items should aim to make people aware of what they need to be successful.

Almost all science today is aimed at improving our awareness.

Today we often say that we are “kept in the dark”, which is ironic because until we are fully aware of Dark matter, Dark flow, Dark energy, and Dark Information then this literally true we must be fully aware to understand them.

Today we are aware of the moon and planet Mars, tomorrow a new planet earth perhaps.

 How aware are you?

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  1. PeterBaxterSnr Says...

    On March 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Being aware is the first step because how a dinosaur became a bird is a mystery every step it made was a disadvantage to the dinosaur but an advantage to the bird .

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