Giant Fire Ball Falling From Sky Make Texas Gripping

Giant Fire Ball Falling From Sky Make Texas gripping.

A huge ball of fire fell on top of Koya Texas sky, the fireball was very bright and large sunguh Texsas make people surprised to see it.

Witnesses even said, “I was so bright, this object is like a piece of the sun that fell to Earth.”

This is a giant fireball meteor that fell in the afternoon pristiwa is a rare pristiwa often referred to as spring meteor

According to NASA, 30 years of research shows that the number of meteors have increased 10-30% during the spring than other seasons of the year.

“There are two peaks, around February and in late March and early April. This is still a mystery, “said Chief meteoroids Bill Cooke of NASA Office Environment.

At least there is still a 1800 meteor camera network captured in the spring meteor coming from the asteroid.

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