Farthest Object That Can be Seen by The Naked Eye

Farthest object that can be seen by the naked eye.

What are the most distant objects and is still seen by the human eye?
whether the sun? planets, stars or other? do you know the object of which is called the Andromeda Galaxy?
Andromeda Galaxy is an outer space object and a distant object that can still be seen by normal eyes without optical aid.
This galaxy is only visible at night without lights bright by the Moon.
Andromeda galaxy is about 2.5 million light years and can be seen in the constellation Andromeda. This looks like of stars shrouded in fog.
1 Light Year is the distance traveled by light during one year, whereas in the travel distance that light travels in one second is 299,792,458 meters.
to know the location of the galaxy Andromeda, please click HERE.

with the apparent magnitude 3.4, the galaxy has become the brightest Messier objects, so it is easily visible to the naked eye even when viewed in areas that have medium to light pollution.
catalog compiled by Messier, Andromeda galaxy in the given order of 31 or so called Messier 31 (M31).
actually  if all parts of the Andromeda galaxy is visible, then this galaxy will be seen six times the width of the Full Moon.
unfortunately to see all parts of the Andromeda Galaxy is required telescope with a diameter of Aperture (Objective) is very wide.
Aperture diameter (Objective) a very wide meaning to collect more light than having a small diameter Aperture.
seen by the eye while we directly only the bright central part of the Andromeda galaxy. other parts of the Andromeda galaxy spiral arms are not visible, because the light is too weak.
the galaxy core is always much brighter than the other parts because there is more concentration of many stars, the spiral galaxies are usually filled by dark matter non-stellar.
Andromeda galaxy is estimated to have a total of approximately 1000 stars billions of stars, the number is certainly more than the number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy that is the amount of about 200-400 billion stars.

Andromeda galaxy shapes are similar to our galaxy that is “Milky Way” or the Milky Way, are both shaped spiral galaxy.
photographs, which reveal in detail the Andromeda Galaxy, taken with a large telescope and a special photography techniques (time exposure).

to know the location of the galaxy Andromeda, please click HERE.
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