Evidence That There Was Another Earth, in a Parallel Universe

This theory is launched by a NASA scientist who managed to prove that time and space were not "founded" with the Big Bang, but the universe is cyclic, thus taking birth name "cosmolofie cyclical."

 The key concept of Roger Penrose’s theory is that in the near future, the universe will become what was in the Big Bang. Penrose says that the shape and geometry of the universe will be very “fine” in contrast to the jagged shape that it has now.

Continuity and forms that will allow a transition to maintain the end of this eternity, when the universe will grow exponentially until the beginning of the future world, when you become infinitely small, it will explode in the future what Penrose called Big Bang.

Entropia this stage of transition will be extremely slow due to black holes destroy all the information they swallow, they evaporate when the universe expands, and thus removes the entropy of the universe.

Parallel Universe

Base Penrose’s theory is based on the foundation of electromagnetic field radiation believed that it was created when the universe was “age” of 300,000 years and can say what conditions were at that time.

Earth’s electromagnetic field (CMB) is the remnant of the Big Bang. This radiation pattrunde universe and – if they could be seen – would be like a glow across the entire sky.

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