Enjoy The Beautiful Night Sky with Binoculars

Enjoy the beautiful night sky with binoculars.

see the beautiful night sky bright with stars gleaming rays, is one of my hobbies since I was sitting at the elementary school until now.
I usually use a star map to help identify stars and other celestial objects that appear in a particular month.
published and monthly star maps can be downloaded for free at Skymaps.com
I usually accompany binoculars with 12 × 50 in the specification of my activities, although this binoculars is outdated but still good for action because the lenses made in Japan.
ommonly used tool to see the beauty of the sky is the most popular telescope.
there are other alternative means that may often we forget. Binoculars Namely, the tool is probably better known for observing terrestrial objects.
But don’t mistake, this is very adequate tool for observing the objects of the sky.

Binoculars are a tool that is easily carried anywhere making it possible to view different objects more quickly without having to hassle with loading tide.
But so many types of binoculars that circulate today, so we must be smart choose the right binoculars and suitable for the purpose we want.
So, if you want to buy binoculars for stargazing then you should consider to Objective lens aperture.

The first specification that must be considered for choosing binoculars is a front lens diameter of the aperture or binoculars.
The larger aperture also means more lenses to collect light.
This aperture size can be seen from two figures who are usually written in each binocular.
7X35 For example, this means the binocular has a diameter of 35 mm and a magnification (magnification) to reach 7x.
Most binoculars 35mm in diameter, but for the purposes of astronomy, should you choose binoculars with a diameter at least 40mm or more. (Bigger is better because it will look more sharp objects)
to view objects such as star clusters , moon, nebulae and globular cluster using binocular is sufficient, while to see the planets, craters on the moon, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, double stars, and faint nebulae are more suitable then the telescope with high magnification and objective lens diameter is wide.

on my personal experience, using binoculars is great option for scanning “The Milky Way, star clusters, Jupiter moon, comet, bright nebula, galaxy)
this is the specific object list that suitable for observing with binocular.
Star cluster: pleiades, hyades, double cluster, jewel box, and many others star cluster
Planet       : jupiter & the moon, venus
Comet        : several years ago, i using binoculars for observing Halle-Bopp comet.
Bright nebula: The Orion nebula
Galaxy       : Andromeda galaxy

one of the objects of the sky that the object of my favorite observations with binoculars is a star cluster “The Jewel Box.”
article on “The Jewel Box” I post in HERE
visit also my other post of star clusters “double cluser in Perseus” by clicking HERE

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