Enceladus: Saturn’s Moon Has Liquid Ocean of Water

To behold at a lucid and starry night sky is likely to leave anyone questioning whether a complex and intelligent life beyond Earth exists, thus, its entry into human curios inquiry – both fiction and pure science. Give a look at one of the recent scientific results pointing at the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Liquid water is of utmost importance as one of the conditions for complex life to form on a planet. And as far as modern cosmological research is concerned, it appears the earth is extremely rare and unique in the entire universe as the only life-harboring heavenly body. It is primarily due to the presence of liquid water in phenomenal amount. But of late, Enceladus, one of the inner satellites of Saturn was found to spew fluid substance, to the delight of the space scientists for it was highly indicative of water being present in the subterranean regions of this diminutive Saturnian moon.

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In their subsequent research following the discovery of this amazing presence of extraterrestrial suggestion for water in August 2008, scientists with the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California headed by Candice Hansen found the fountains to be moving at a rate of 2,189 kilometers per hour. Interestingly, the physics of fluid dynamics has it that such a usual flow rate is only attainable when water is involved.  Indeed, from the corroborated data presented by the Cassini probe, it was later learned that the sightings strongly points to a possible presence of an encompassing ocean underneath the frozen surface of the moon.

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Cassini also made careful analysis of particles of ice which were intermixed in the spewed watery stuff. It was found to be of salt water and was believed to form in a huge body of water, making scientists infer that their old but still continuing effort to be able to stumble upon an extraterrestrial life will not end in vain after all. A water- filled cavern was an alternative interpretation offered as the origin of the lumps of ice. In addition, some organic compounds such as carbonates and dust grains were also captured by the Cassini probe, strengthening evidences to substantiate the theory for the existence of such liquid ocean beneath. 

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As we might all know, global warming is a real and serious threat to our Earth being the only planet in the cosmos known to harbor life. And humanity is actually endowed with the ability to rise above this ecological and global problem, but it seems that many people who are in the forefront in the collective global effort to avert global warming from getting into its most horrible stage are allowing their greed to triumph. If this attitude continues, global warming might just become this times version of the Biblical global flood, in which humanity can only be saved by the fictional exodus to some other life-harboring planet. Is Enceladus a good candidate? It is not certainly, for it is too small. It is just as large as England; it cannot accommodate the whole human race.

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Getting into the more scientific logic whether Enceladus can be an alternative haven for life, it surely is not for its minuteness prevents it from forming its own atmosphere. It has no atmosphere; mankind will have nothing to breath.  The good thing about this little heavenly body containing liquid water is that it provides a credible hint for the possible existence of an Earth-like body out of those believed to populate the firmament in almost innumerable number. But then again, in whatever magnitude of reasons we simply cannot allow our Earth getting seriously ill and die. Humanity is never meaningless; it has to endure so long as the firmament persist to exist.

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