Different Types of Astronomy

Discover the different types of astronomy.

Observational Astronomy

-Observational astronomyis one of the oldest forms of astronomy.

-It gathers and analyzes data using the principle of physics.

- If you want to look at objects in  the sky, you’d use high- powered telescopes, but you can also use radio waves gathered by radio receivers.

Amateur astronomers have added to many important astronomical discoveries. This is one of the few sciences where anyone can get involved. What kind of things have you seen in the sky?

Theoretical Astronomy

- Theoretical astronomy comes up with theories about stars, how galaxies form, the structure of the universe, and how smaller particles relate to the universe.

- Theoretical astronomy is a newer field of astronomy.

- In theoretical astronomy, computer models are developed to describe space objects and phenomena that can’t be seen with telescope.

Other types of astronomy

Solar astronomy- the study of our sun

Planetary astronomy-  the study of planets, moons, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids, and other bodies that orbit our sun, as well as planets in other solar systems

Stellar astronomy- the study of stars and how they evolve

Galactic astronomy- the study of galaxies, including our own galaxy, called the Milky way

Extragalactic- the study of objects outside our galaxy

Cosmology- the study of the structure of the universe

Astrobiology- the study of life in the universe

Astrochemistry- the study of chemicals found in space

Cosmochemistry -the study of chemicals found in our solar system

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