Destroy Giant Asteroid Hit Mars Magnetic Field

Destroy giant asteroid hit Mars Magnetic Field.

Four billion years ago, Mars had a magnetic field, like Earth – but something that is deadly, it hit the planet until it is completely barren exposed to solar radiation.

Now scientists have detected a possible cause – that is caused by a giant asteroid hit which resulted in the formation of the crater as deep as Mount Everest height.

A single blow of a giant asteroid in 1500 and a four-mile wide asteroid others, have a disastrous effect on the hot rocks below the surface of Mars – has destroyed the planet’s magnetic field for good.

Hellas Valley area of ​​1300 miles with a depth of 6 miles, which is surrounded by a thick layer of debris created due to asteroid impacts.

James Roberts of Johns Hopkins University has created computer models of the thermal effect of the blow of all-powerful – and found that the asteroid that caused a “reaction” of destruction can only be restored within 100 million years.

However, these asteroids hit faster than the object – the 1500-mile area of ​​the rocks hit Mars every 25 million years.

Tremendous blow after another has resulted in changes in the Red Planet Mars where it can not be recovered.

Five haymaker from 1500-mile wide asteroid destroying the planet’s magnetic field for good.

“We found that the blow-blow of all-powerful it has established five largest valley which resulted in effects on dynamic layers. One blow of this size can alter the flow field around the mantle. Devastating blow as it increases the formation of the flow under the site blow,” said the researchers.

Current flow to the surface of the hot stones, throw ‘dynamo’ powered magnetic field is broken.

“The interval between the blow-blow of the strongest (about 25 million years) is shorter than the initial recovery time for a single blow (about 100 million years),” said Roberts.

“Therefore, the convective pattern changes caused by asteroid impacts each make a long-term changes in global heat flow.”

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  1. tesla Says...

    On August 2, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    please , let’s find out what a medium sized asteroid would do to a planet to help us prepare if one should ever hit earth. essential preparation is testing out using mars.

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