Dangers for Earth’s Destruction Coming From Outer Space

Several scenarios of a probable earth’s destruction which may happen in the future.

To days life on earth is very fragile thing and hangs on a balance. Several dangers from outer space , which may happen in the near or distant future threaten the earth. We as humans do not  regard these threats as  serious ones but they are very real. One of them are the so called Gama bursts. They can be produced by supernovas exploding in the distant corners of the universe. If such explosion happens 100 or even 1000 light years from our planet the whole life on earth will be decimated.Luckily there is only one supernova in our galaxy which can produce gamma bursts in its eruption. Nevertheless the odds for such scenario to happen in the hole history of earth is 1% which is a little disturbing. The second more probable scenario is earth to be hit by an asteroid. It has been estimated by scientists that the asteroid Apophis will come near enough to earth in the year 2029 to have a little chance of hitting it in the year 2036. This may happen if the asteroid passes through a narrow strip 800 kilometers wide on its passage near the earth on 2029. But do not worry the odds of that to happen are 1:45000. That is pretty little but still considerable for the scientists to be worried.

Nevertheless the most serious threat for the life on earth come from the sun, which after 3,5 billion years will turn into red ball of fire large enough to swallow all the earth and the other planets in our solar system. We hope that until that time the  humanity will have discovered a way to leave our planet. The final threat which may put an end to life on the earth and in the whole universe is the so called big rip.Today we all know that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate. That is why there will be some moment in time, the scientists speculate , when all the matter in the universe will disintegrate into atoms in an event called the ‘big rip’. That will happen, according to scientists estimates 50 billion years in the future, which a pretty large span of time even for our universe.

These scenarios should remind us that life on earth is very unstable and can be easily destroyed if we are negligible enoughto let it happen.

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