Could We Live on Mars?

Science has the answer!

For years, the thought of living on another planet besides Earth has been a fantasy of all types of people, from children to scientific researchers. Modern television even has shows where people travel from planet to planet via portal or a short trip. Before I get into the subject of living on another planet, I must first bring to light just how long it would take to travel from planet to planet. With our modern technology, travel from Earth to our Moon can take days, and to the nearest planet could take weeks. In television, ships can make it in mere seconds. How is this possible? The answer is via warp drive. For more on warp drive, click here.

Life on another planet just sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? Actually, living on another planet is quite possible. The most common choice for living on another planet is Mars. As we have seen from the mars rover, the planet is a very rugged planet, stable weather patterns, and little geological disturbances, so theoretically it is an ideal place to try to start a colony. There is only one problem: there is a very weak atmosphere, and no ozone protection. This is where the beauty of science comes into the picture. Scientists have been working on a way to rejuvenate our own ozone, and feel they are coming close to figuring out a way to repair the holes caused by human presence. If scientists CAN figure out how to fix our atmosphere, it is only a matter of time before they figure out a way to create a new atmosphere altogether. This is no longer just speculation either; NASA originally had planned to colonize the Moon in 2020 until their funding was cut to the point that this will no longer be possible, and planned to test new ways to create a stronger atmosphere, as well as use the Moon as a staging area to colonize other planets in our own galaxy.

Of course there is another problem, even if we figure out a way to create a stable atmosphere on Mars: food and water. The food part I can only speculate on how they would plan to feed a colony there; perhaps try and raise animals there. As for the water portion, at first we would have to bring water until we found a way to take the natural water on Mars. In recent years, scientists studying Mars have discovered water all over the planet; the water is frozen, though. The frozen water can be found on the North and South poles of the planet; if we could find a way to tap into that ice and purify the water, we could have a sustainable place to live. We could also find ways to purify the soil, as to grow plants and trees, at first under a protection chamber until we got the atmosphere cleared up enough. This is entirely speculation, though the science behind colonizing a new planet is quite solid. Science is discovering new ways to live, and perhaps by the time we develop technology to travel instantaneously from here to Mars, we will have found a stable way to live on the planet. I would assume it will take at least another 300-400 years before we can entirely colonize the planet, though. We would need to make sure that we had changed the entire ecology of the planet before we could colonize. Changing the soil, the atmosphere, and purifying the water there; not only would we have to do that, we would also have to figure out a way to change weather patterns, to create a water cycle like that seen on Earth. Maybe only 400 years isn’t enough time to get everything done.

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  1. Karen Gross Says...

    On June 29, 2010 at 12:44 am

    A fascinating subject – have you ever thought of writing science fiction? You would probably be good at it. You know enough about real science to come up with believable scenarios for fiction.

    I agree, space exploration is exciting but so very expensive and you and I will probably not be a part of any Mars colonies. I also agree that we have enough problems on this planet to keep us occupied for a couple more generations. But we can always dream, and watch Star Trek reruns.

  2. briantaylor1992 Says...

    On June 29, 2010 at 1:40 am

    Thank you very much for the comment. I would be rubbish at writing for science fiction, I know next to nothing in terms of character development though :P I’m sure that the more we see ourselves evolving into a race of space explorers, we will have to look back on those old shows like Star Trek just to see how much truth that the show truly has.Surprisingly enough, the show holds some truths to it already, I should probably start mentioning Star Trek when I write some of these articles heh :) Thanks again for the comment, I’ll be looking for another suggestion on what type of article to write about next time, if you or anyone else has any suggestions :D

  3. Mrjaialai Says...

    On June 29, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    Very nice! As long as they have Jai alai on the new planet I will happy LOL

    Who knows maybe its already there and we just have not discovered it yet. Its people like yourself that keep us looking into space are the ones that are going to get us there through you imagination. They say if a mind can concieve it one can achieve it.

    Keep us looking toward the stars!

  4. Lisa Says...

    On May 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Write about one day without energy or water

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