Congratulations! New Planet is Born .. is This Planet Nibiru???

When a woman is pregnant, she may ask the doctor to do an ultrasound. The doctor will look at the candidates baby in the belly of the mother.

Astronomers do the same thing as the doctor on the star. And it was not intentional! When observing the disk of gas around Bingang, they are surprised to see that there is a baby growing inside planet. For the first time a planet was observed at a very early age. This image illustrates how approximately form the planets.

Astronomers call planets outside our Solar System in terms of exoplanets. Exoplanet search is one of the interesting topics in the world of astronomy today. To date about 850 exoplanets have been discovered, but it can be photographed directly is extremely rare. This is because the planet is too dim than bright stars and sank in starlight. It can be imagined, such as if you try to see the plane passing in front of the sun that shines brightly lit.

This young star has been known to have an orbiting planet at a distance of 6 times the distance of Earth to the Sun. Well, the new planet is at a distance of 10 times away. The planet is still very young but not small at all. Astronomers estimate the size similar to Jupiter, which can accommodate 1000 Earth.

Astronomers suspect that the giant planets grow by capturing the gas and dust left over after the formation of stars. New observations support this notion: the planets are far away in the disk of material surrounding the star, and there are many locations where the planets and stars still interact directly.

Interesting fact: the largest ever discovered exoplanet called CD-35 2722. Giant planets is a 10,000-fold greater than the Earth.

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  1. TheColumnWriter Says...

    On March 1, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Fascinating how they are constantly discovering new planets. Not long ago, they claimed to have found a planet similar to our own that may have the ingredients to support live. Only ab matter of time before they find that life on other planets that they are looking for, if they haven’t already.

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