Century Space

Century Space.

Often it is not easy to understand the time course of the events in the universe. But the universe itself is very large and has been there for a very long period of time. Do not believe? Age of the universe is 13.7 billion years old! That means about 3 times older than the Earth. It’s not easy not to imagine a time before Earth is there?

The time scale is so great and shows that astronomers can not learn things like star’s life from just one star. Will take millions to billions of years! Therefore, astronomers observe a star and then the different life stages were different, too.

There are times, too, in a very distant in the universe there is something in the night sky visible change in the lives. One of them is in a recent photo on this page. Looks glowing gas clouds which is the remainder of the death of a massive star explosion that occurred 11,000 years ago. Astronomers call such a blast this “supernova”.

The clouds are moving very fast in the sky at a rate of 650 000 kilometers per hour. Even though it is located very far from Earth, the rapid motion also changes its position in the night sky at the time of our lives right now. When you are old, the star appears next to the supernova in the night sky will be different from the nearby star today.

Even though the past 11 000 years, the supernova explosion can still change the face of the night sky.

Come take part: Typically the astronomers keep a diary of their observations. This record is a record that is very handy to use as a reference when there is a change in the universe. What if you also make a note of their own observations? Although you do not have a telescope but you can make a sketch of what you see, for example, the Moon, and special objects such as comets passing.

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