Beautiful Natural Phenomena in The Auroral

This natural phenomenon is uncommon in the life of the world and can occur with unexpected and seemingly impossible in view of humans.


This natural phenomenon is uncommon in the life of the world and can occur with unexpected and seemingly impossible in view of humans. Common examples of natural phenomena include volcanic eruptions, weather, and decay. Most of the harmless natural phenomenon like rain. Natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and tornadoes are considered hazardous and can cause death.

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the Earth’s aurora. Aurora is the phenomenon of light emission burning of the lining of the ionosphere of a planet as a result of the interaction between the planet’s magnetic field is owned by the charged particles emitted by the sun (solar wind). Unique phenomenon that often occurs in the dark night sky suddenly lit up in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Alaska is considered by some as the events that contain elements of ancient beliefs. Aurora typically appear in green, red, blue or violet. Ancient people of linking the emergence of natural phenomena by disease and war.

Bright red aurora was once considered a “blood pool” of fighters who died in battle. In the North Country, England, aurora known as “burning spear”. Before the French Revolution broke out, an aurora appears. Population of Scotland and England claimed to hear voices and see the war in the battle space. On February 24, 1716, along with the death of James Ratcliffe, Earl Derwentwater last, appear bright red aurora and move quickly across the sky. Since then the aurora is known as the “Lord of Light Derwenwater”.

Eskimos or Inuit believed that the natural phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights comes about because the spirits were playing football wearing sea lion skull in the sky. They also believe people who watch too much “game” that would be crazy. Apart from the ancient belief, the actual phenomenon of the aurora can be explained by the laws of physics. This phenomenon is a common event that occurs on Earth and other planets, especially in the polar regions which are the areas with strong magnetic fields.

Aurora is the light generated in the air caused by the atoms and molecules collide with charged particles, mainly electrons and protons coming from the sun. The particles are knocked out of the sun at speeds over 500 miles per second and exploited the earth’s magnetic field around the North and South poles. The colors are produced due to collisions of particles and molecules or atoms are different. For example, green aurora is formed by particle collisions of electrons with nitrogen molecules. Red aurora occurs due to collisions between electrons and atomic oxygen particles. An important part of the mechanism of the aurora is the “solar wind”, ie a stream of particles coming out of the sun. Solar wind to move large amounts of electricity in the atmosphere (Van Allen Belt). This energy will accelerate particles into the upper atmosphere, which then collided with a gas range. The result is the colors in the sky moving.

Electric pressure release of gas molecules into higher energy states, which resulted in the loss of photons. Color depending on the frequency of collision between particles and gases. This mechanism is similar to fluorescent lights or neon lights. Aurora is the direct cause of the acceleration of energetic particles. The energy is derived from the interaction layer of the Earth’s magnetosphere with the solar wind. Magnetosphere is the space that surrounds the earth. We have a magnetosphere due to the Earth’s magnetic field. This magnetic field extends into space until limited by the solar wind.
Aurora occurs in the area around the North pole and South pole.

The polar regions have a strong enough magnetic field so as to bring the aurora. Aurora that occurs in the northern region known as the Aurora Borealis, which is named after the Goddess of Dawn bersempena Rom, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. This is because in Europe it is often seen in the reddish northern horizon as if the sun will rise from that direction. Aurora borealis is always going on between September and October and March and April. The phenomenon of the aurora in the south, known as Aurora Australis have similar properties.

Aurora is a common event found in the polar regions. Dangers of human aurora tehadap until now has not been proven. However, this phenomenon may interfere with the telecommunications network. Effect of protons with atoms in the atmosphere bertumbukkan can interfere with radio reception, television and cable. This is because as of points in the atmosphere is disturbed by protons from the sun, the atmosphere is no longer resist and reflect the signal to earth. Signals are actually transmitted into space. As a result, no signal is received by the television, radio or telegraph. Charged particles in the solar wind, magnetometer and ionospheric bring large-scale power. If this flow change near the Earth, can cause damage to electrical equipment.

Auroral disturbances on the telegraph wires of the most amazing place in the United States. A fantastic aurora that occurred in September 1851, has been bothering all the telegraph lines in New England and thugs havoc on business transactions. On February 19, 1852, other aurora recorded in the history of telecommunications. The scientists believe that the aurora reflects what happens in the magnetosphere, the region bermuatannya particles trapped by Earth’s magnetic field. Pinning the solar wind near the Earth’s magnetosphere during the day, and dragged him up to a million kilometers at night.
So beautiful, beautiful a phenomenon, there must be some effects that are harmful to living beings even if only seditkit. So my real bouquet.

These few sightings aurora

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