Astrological Explanation for the Ugliness of the Venus-Sun Transit of June 5, 2012

Venus-Sun transit, June 5-6, 2012
Astrological Explanation for the ugliness of the Venus-Sun transit.
Venus’ twin warrior is at work!

We all associate Venus, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter as the great benefic planets.  Why then would the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun create so many problems for the world and mankind?  We won’t go into the full explanation here, but will offer three points that will hopefully help satisfy those in the astrological community who may be asking these questions since this is not a familiar topic in Western Astrology.

Firstly, we are dealing with an eclipse.  When you have an eclipse, whether it be solar or lunar, which are the ones that most people are familiar with, you have a cutting off of one planetary energy in favor of another.  Eclipses for the most part are malefic and Venus transit Sun is no exception.
Secondly, Venus is retrograde during this transit bringing back past lovers and reversing money and love situations in your life.  Money is likely to be negatively affected during the retrograde as well, leading to theft, financial fraud and losses for some people depending on the house that this transit falls into against your natal chart.
 Thirdly, much of our understanding of the Venus-Sun transit comes from the Mayans, who saw this as a bad omen causing wars, be-headings and much blood shed. 
The term “horrific” comes to mind when describing this transit.  Horrific far beyond imagination and terror far beyond previously perceived is what is likely to happen.  The Fukushima earthquake disaster in Japan is one expression of “the horrific” that this transit represents!
The Mayans considered the first appearance of Venus as an evil omen and considered it to be a good day for warfare.  They viewed the transit as the warrior twin of Venus.  The first sighting of the morning star that was frequently represented by bloody situations.  The symbol they use is the Chief holding the severed head of his enemy in his hands! 
This is not the image of Venus, the goddess of love, that we are used to in Western astrology.  This transit presents us with an image of Venus, the twin warrior, that we know very little about!  The archetype of Venus’s twin warrior comes alive during this transit.
My own observations suggest that the entire 8 years cycle is a horrific and malefic period, starting with the first expression of the twin warrior in 2004.  For example, at the midpoint of this 8 years cycle, the stock market crashed in 2008 and many people lost their life savings.  See:
 We need to send a strong astrological message to people living in the years 2117 AD – 2125 AD to let them know and understand that Venus-Sun transit is not to be treated as we normally would a Venus Sun conjunction that often represents a period when we can experience love at the soul level at the deepest level of satisfaction and expression, but rather it is a dirty, nasty period where heads literally roll and money and cash that Venus rules dries up causing extreme poverty in some cases due to the expression of Venus’ twin warrior according to Mayan cosmology. According to the Mayan, the transit expresses the warrior twin of Venus, not Venus, the goddess of love!

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