Asteroid Myths

Myths about asteroids date back to ancient times.

Some myths about asteroids date back to ancient times. Many of these myths come from lack of understanding. One myths about asteroids have many people to believe that they are highly radioactive. Another myth explains that they contain exotic and rare minerals. In reality, asteroids are composed of rock and metals like iron and nickel. Many myths often talk about a downpour. A few facts about the asteroids include that asteroids and planets share a common birth, asteroids are covered in dust, impact events has shaped the asteroids and asteroids group together. Before believing in myths, take a look at the many facts about asteroids.

Many myths tell about these asteroids hitting the earth and completely ending the world. In the solar system it is believed that asteroids are just debris. Asteroids that pass near the earth are called Near Earth Objects. A special program called Spacewatch tracks theses asteroids thjat pass near the earth. The danger of asteroid collision with the earth is quite minimal. One myths states that the asteroids had a huge impacy on the extinction of the dinosaurs. Asteroids constantly move and change. Astronomers constantly monitor their movements and changes. The Earth has been hit with asteroids and comets throughout history. Many people believe that there is a death star that lurks in outer space. Scientists prove that there is no existance of such a star. People are always looking to find patterns in nature and when they do not, that is how many of these myths take place.

Asteroids are named from Greek Mythology. While many people believe that asteroid myths are true and they often point to the Bible for an answer because there are quite a few Bible prophecies that give descriptions that are closely similar to the scientific descriptions of asteroids impacts on earth. By reading these prophecies, it really makes a few people think. There are quite a few interesting facts just as there are myths about these asteroids. Millions of heavenly bodies are known to revolve around the sun everday and asteroids are one of them. There are over a million asteroids in our solar system and they are large and small. Asteroids do have moon and they each have a different composition. An asteroid that hit the earth did not wipe out the dinosaurs, it was the climate change from the asteroid hitting the earth that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.

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