Alien Skull Found on Mars?

UFO enthusiasts and those who believe in the existence of aliens, claim that NASA had discovered on Mars no more and no less than the skull of an alien beings. Recently published photograph depicts the U.S. space agency to first consider a strange object that present vague unusual features of a skull.

Alien Skull found on Mars?

   Although only a picture sequence depicting a rocky desert which is to be found a strange rock shaped by Martian winds, the object in question has managed to attract the attention of UFO fans, who have launched specialized debates on Internet forums. It all started with the image obtained by NASA using a specially adapted camera, called Spiri6. Photo of appetite reopened for discussion, consideration and speculation in the controversial field of extraterrestrial life, is the conception of many “alien skull cavity has two eyes and a blank space where it could be nasal pyramid” relates “The Telegraph”. A supporter of the existence of alien said: “The skull has a height of about 15 cm, distance between the orbits binocular is 5 cm, and cranial capacity is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1400 cubic centimeters, and the shape of the mouth indicates that the alien was a carnivore “.Other researchers wonder if the alleged alien in turn was beheaded and buried in the Martian soil up to the neck. Another internet user speculated that one can see traces of an increase that would have supported Sagi faces, muscles provided with antennas. photo in question is not the first to reopen controversy alien existence on Mars. The famous “Face on Mars”, photographed in 1976 by ​​Viking 1 space probe proved to be nothing more than an optical illusion due to the angle brightness when the same area of Mars was photographed in 1998.

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