Alien Life on Other Planets

The existence of extraterrestrial life has been discussed for very a long time. Here is an article I wrote based on some discoveries that haven happened recently.

Alien Life on other Planets

By David Wu

Sense the beginning of time, mankind has been keeping records about important events, dates trade, and sometimes, strange beings from other worlds. The argument over life on other planets has become a controversial subject. Unlike religion verses science, the debate over life on other worlds is not based on based purely on belief. With factual evidence, the existence of life or preferably complex life on other planets may not be debated for long. On the course of the 21st century, the advance in technology has given humans more knowledge about the universe then ever before. For example, the Earth being thought as the center of the universe by ancient Greek Philosophers has been proven by science to be false.  Science has the ability to solve problems with a systematic approach which eliminates arguments. With the proper techniques and the right tools, science could one day revolutionize the subject of extraterrestrials.

When looking at extraterrestrial life, one must look at three factors that play a role in the epic pursuit. The possible places found, the time spent searching, and the techniques being applied in the search. The universe is estimated by scientists to be at least 156 billion light-years wide. (Robert Roy. “Universe Measured) The first reason why earthlings have not made genuine contact is possible places found. The Universe unlike Earth contains 6 dimensions folded into each other. (Robert Roy. “Universe Measured) Its limitless expanse in space contains millions of galaxies and possibly thousands of earthly conditions that may harbor complex life. In order for life to exist, water must be present. Looking at Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, scientists at NASA have discovered what seems like a frozen ocean on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. (Couper, Heather. “Life Off Earth) Plans have been already made to send a space probe to Europa in hopes of discovering life. Although Europa may only be one possible place, planet hunters at San Francisco State University are looking optimistic. Their team of scientists believes that by using space based telescopes, planets like that of earth will be discovered in the next few years. (Couper, Heather. “Life Off Earth) Although many places may be discovered, the current technology still lags behind. By far, only three possible places haven been discovered, Mars, Europa, and the Andromadae star system. For the moment, scientists are looking at Europa. NASA created a model of Europa and has predicted that if life started there, it would have evolved into harder creatures lurking among the thin cracks of the ice. (Angelo Jr, Joseph A. The Extraterrestrial Encyclo) Perhaps organisms on Europa depend on the suns rays to survive, or methods like that of Earth’s tube worms deep under the ocean. This moon of Jupiter may hold living organisms underneath its frozen ocean. The goal of this mission of course is not only to find hard shelled cockroach like creatures but also intelligent life as well. Weather or not this one expedition will be successful does not however affect the determination of humans to seek the truth. Science will continue to expand its boundaries and with it, comes the answers to the unsolved questions.

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  1. derrickblogs Says...

    On July 4, 2010 at 5:23 am

    I would have to agree with you 100% life is out there not only on Europa but most likely a few other places. But what can we do as people we just have to consider what there like good or bad. But we have that in any race or gender of people.

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