Alien Life “Hiding” in Europa

Pasadena – U.S. researchers (AS) said, the location of alien life in our solar system are difficult tofind. However there is strong suspicion of aliens living on the moon of Jupiter, Europa.

Month freeze it is the subject of constant and significant fire radiation and magnetic field of Jupiter. The shot is known to destroy life on Europa shallow depths.

This made the scientists to conduct experiments to determine how to live life under Europa’s crust to be alive.

“Simple theory on how the electrons can penetrate the crust is only known in very high-energy electrons,” said Murthy Gudipati of Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, USA.

Gudipatai and the team was put behind the ice detector molecule that is then fired electrons. The result, the team found 100MeV radiation can penetrate 23-32 inches of ice.

While the trial is considered less significant, if there is strong suspicion of electrons capable of penetrating gunshot 0.6 meters below the surface of the ice, there is an organic entity will bedestroyed as quoted by UPI.

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