Alien Life Does Exist: Now There’s Proof

Extra-terrestrial life exists. Here’s proof.

Alien life forms have always been classified as fiction. The truth is, it exists. Although it probably is very much unlike what we humans speculate, and probably not like what’s been portrayed on Star Trek. How do we know for sure, that alien life exists? Its very simple.

The milky way consists of approximately 100 billion stars. There are more than 30 galaxies in our local cluster. There are more than 100 clusters in a supercluster. It keeps going, but it would be irrelevant. Or not:

What gives us evidence is one concrete fact: 30 billion earth like planets are known to us. That’s not counting all those planets that could sustain life, but just are not earth-like. Just take the mathematical probability of life existing there. Anyone can tell: some form of life must exist somewhere there. If not (which would be surprising and very unlikely), what about all those earth-like planets not known to us? The possibilities are endless. However, that fact tells us something: Extra-terrestrial life exists. Just by mathematical probability, its obvious.

So why hasn’t there been much news about this? The problem is that we are unable to get to them. At least not with the technology we have right now. However, new upcoming technologies, including research into faster-than-light travel will be key to our next chapter in space exploration. 

Faster than light travel is actually possible. We will see it soon, but just not yet. Travelling at light speed has been discussed in another article:

Apart from just the mathematical probability, there’s also another significant factor: we humans are limited in our perceptions. We believe that life requires plants, photosynthesis, etc. (and all that we’ve learned in our biology lessons). Does life really need all that? Recent discoveries have proven otherwise. 

Deepwater divers have found huge pools of bacterial deep in the ocean which live on minerals given off by underwater volcanoes. They are so deep that absolutely no sunlight reaches them. This has significant implications. It means that all those meteors and floating objects in space with no star close enough could support life, just as long as they have a volcanically active core. How many such random space objects exist? Countless. 

It is only a matter of time. As technology advances, and such projects get better funding, we’ll see great things. Could we even imagine sending man to moon 100 years ago? That is no longer a dream, but reality. We look forward to a great future. Hopefully we’ll live to see space taxis and inter-planetary vacation packages. 

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2 Responses to “Alien Life Does Exist: Now There’s Proof”
  1. LewSethics Says...

    On June 16, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Fun article, silence, and despite the fact that I agree with you that life must exist out there, that is still not a fact, no matter how much math you throw at it.
    My boss makes two million a year, I make nothing. Statistically, we are both millionaires.

  2. J Gladwell Says...

    On June 16, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    Hi! Thanks for the comment.

    I didn’t understand . . . your boss makes 2 million a year, and you make nothing . . . but statistically you’re both millionaires? Shouldn’t that mean your making millions too?

    It depends on what you define as a fact. Fact as in: literally proven? Mathematically proven can still be fact. In this case, the probability is so high, that it is close to 100%. Sure, we may not be able to prove it with science or technology just yet, but math helps.

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